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Travertine Tile - 1x1 Travertine Tile - 3x6 Tile Brick Pattern Travertine Tile - 2x4 Tile Brick Pattern Travertine Tile - 1x2 Travertine Tile


Travertine Tile

Travertine Tile also comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Travertine Tile is ideal for any raised areas above the waterline.

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Pebble Finish

Natural pebble pool finish. Blends of selected natural aggregates, fortified with Portland cement, ideal for both new and refinished pools. They are factory-blended to provide the pool owner with an extremely durable finish.


Colored Quartz

Finishes are blends of selected quartz aggregates and fortified white Portland cement combine for an ideal finish to new and refurbished pools. Extremely durable alternative to traditional pool coatings. 


Tile & Coping

We use only the best quality tile and coping for our clients. Let us help you create a beautiful design that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Glass Tile

There are many ways to use Glass Tiles to create a designer look to any pool or spa. Using them on the waterline creates a modern and contemporary look to your pool. Glass Tile come in a few different sizes. The most popular sizes being


White Marble

The oldest and most common pool finish is a 3 part mix of cement, white marble dust, and water. The 3 combine to create the inner pool finish. This is the softest of all plasters.




Is your pool surface rough? We can bring back the smooth finish and restore the quality of your pools surface.

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Spray Deck Overlays

Spray coating over pea gravel. The overlay is easy on feet and does not absorb heat as does standard pea gravel. Available in single or multi-colors and in flagstone patterns.

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Leak Repairs

Let us maintenance and repair your pools equipment and plumbing to extend the life of your personal oasis.

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Skimmer Replacement

We replace broken pool accessories with high quality parts and stand behide our work. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Acid Washing

Acid washing is a cleaning process that uses a combination of hydrochloric acid and water to remove stubborn stains and debris.

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Travertine Coping Travertine Coping - White Travertine Coping - Dark Walnut 2" Eased Edge Travertine Coping - Rustic Travertine Coping - Blue Slate


Natural Stone Coping

Available in various colors & sizes. As with any natural stone, slight imperfections in size, color, and shape add to their natural appeal.

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Before & After

Our amazing remodels and repair services create one of a kind oasis for you to relax.

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